Abu Bakr Al Shatri

أبو بكر الشاطري

Recorded 114 surah

Sheikh Abu Bakr Al Shatri is a famous reciter, he was born in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) in 1970 /1389, but his great grandparents are Yemenis. He has Yemeni and British nationalities. Currently, he lives in London (United Kingdom). Sheikh Abu Bakr Al Shatri got his basic education in Jeddah schools then he joined the faculty of economics and business administration to get the master degree in Accounting. His study wasn't isolated from Quran, he memorized it when he was young and he made an audio khatma (recitation of whole Quran) when he was 20. His passion to learn Quran prevented him from stopping at this point , as he learned from most prominent Quran reciters like sheikh Ayman swed, who is a saurian reciter specialized at the ten recitations (Qira'at). Sheikh Ayman gave sheikh Abu Bakr Al Shatri Hafs-from-Asem ejazah (permission to read and teach Quran). Sheikh Abu Bakr was imam of many mosques in Jeddah one of them was Alfurqan mosque where he worked for years before leaving to Britain after the decision of the Saudi government which prevented Non-Saudis from imamat. Sheikh Al Shatri visited many states and led Muslims in Al-salat in great and famous mosques as masjid Al sultan Ahmed in Turkey and Muhammad ibn Abd Alwahab Mosque in Qatar. Sheikh Al Shatri established an Islamic center carries his name in London where he lives now; this center is a special place for teaching Quran, Arabic language and Islamic religion besides lectures and seminars. Sheikh Al Shatri manages and supervises this center himself and leads Muslims in Al-salat in London mosques and shares his recitations at his official accounts on social media.More...


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