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ياسر الدوسري‎

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About Reciter

Sheikh Yasser Bin Rashid Al Dosari is one of the Quran reciters in Saudi Arabia and one of Imams of Al- Masjid Al-haram (the Holy mosque of Mecca) since 1436/2005, this is a great position culminating his efforts at learning and reading Quran, his voice is beautiful and influential and his recitation is impeccable. Sheikh Yasser Al Dosari was born in Kherg governorate in Saudi Arabia and started to learn Quran at his Adolescence when his father promised to buy a computer for him as a prize for memorizing Juz' Amma . His father encouraged him to complete memorizing Quran, so he made him join Quran memorization centers till he was 15, then he began his journey as imam in a small mosque then he was officially appointed as imam at one of Riyadh mosques when he was 18. He moved between other mosques until he became the Imam of Al-masjid Al-Haram (the holy mosque of Mecca) and it's the greatest position for any Quran reciter. Sheikh Yasser Al Dosari is also specialized at Fiqh and Islamic sharia provisions; he studied Fiqh in the Faculty of Sharia in Imam Mohamed Bin Saud University and then obtained a master's degree and PHD in comparative Fiqh. Sheikh Yasser has many Fiqh researches and studies related to judicial and economic affairs. Sheikh Yasser has a TV channel (Ayyat TV channel); he founded it in cooperation with Sheikh Nasser Al El-Qatami. He also appears at number of TV channels and radio stations and used to publish his articles in local and international newspapers and magazines