History of surah Friday




Revelation Place




It was called Surat Al-Jumu'ah because in its ninth verse Friday is mentioned, and it contained the provisions for "Friday prayer," that is, the injunction to the faithful to hasten to perform prayer and the prohibition against selling at the time of the call to prayer and at the time of the call to prayer, and concluded with a warning against being distracted from prayer by commerce and other things.

Period of Revelation

Surat Al-Jumu'ah from the city wall; That is, it was revealed after the migration of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, to Medina, and the number of its verses is eleven.

For Surat Al-Jumu'ah, there was no reason for its complete revelation, but the commentators gave a reason for the revelation of some of its verses. In the hadith transmitted by Jabir bin Abdullah - may God be pleased with him - it says: "While we were praying with the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, a camel with food came. So they went to and remained with the Prophet, may God's blessings and peace be upon him, except ten men, and this verse was revealed.) But when they see some bargain or some amusement, they disperse headlong to it, and leave thee standing. Say: "The (blessing) from the Presence of Allah is better than any amusement or bargain! and Allah is the Best to provide (for all needs).

Theme and topics

Surah Al-Jumu'ah was written for many great purposes and its statement is as follows:

To educate the Muslims and to base their group on truth and faith.
Inviting Muslims and asking them to observe the Friday prayer and warning them not to refrain from it and to enjoy themselves by buying, selling, trading or other worldly things.
Everything in this universe praises God Almighty.
He mentioned what God Almighty has bestowed upon the Arabs by sending them our Master Muhammad - may God bless him and grant him peace - to guide them out of the darkness of ignorance and disbelief into the lights of knowledge and faith, and to guide their hands into the way of God Almighty, and to urge them towards virtue and purification from all impurity.
The verses in the Holy Surah were placed in a comparison between the Muslims and the Jews who distorted the Torah, deviated and turned away from their religion.
The verses compared the Jews with their lack of benefit from the Torah and what is contained in it. With a donkey that carries useful books but does not get any benefit or advantage from it, and the reason is that the Torah came and promised of our master Muhammad - peace be upon him - and his message, but they did not accept what the Torah preached and they did not believe in the message of our master Muhammad - may God bless him and grant him peace.