History of surah Muhammad




Revelation Place




Surat Muhammad was called Surat Al-fighting because the main axis of Surat Muhammad is jihad for the sake of God.

Period of Revelation

There are opinions that say that it is one of the suras that were sent down on the Prophet's heart at the beginning of his era, and it has been said that the thirteenth verse of it was revealed when the Messenger of God was on his way to Medina, and the number of its verses is thirty-eight verses, and it is in the forty-seventh place in the order of the surahs of the Qur'an Al-Karim, and Surat Muhammad was revealed after Surat Al-Hadid
The reason for the revelation of the noble Sura was about those who were wounded in the battle of Badr, and their number was twelve men

Theme and topics

The main axis of Surat Muhammad is the revelation of divine commands and many lessons, for it calls for struggle in the way of God.
God Almighty allowed the killing of the infidels during the wars by the believers and released the captives either with or without consideration. The verses describe the torments of the afterlife and the extent of bliss in Paradise. rivers of wine, rivers of pure water, and various kinds of fruits.
The verses describe the severity of the torment that the unbelievers will suffer in hell, describing them as cattle in their misguidance, and that they will eat and drink hot water that would melt their entrails.