History of surah The Announcement

The Announcement



Revelation Place




This Surah was called (Surah Al-Naba') because the word (Al-Naba') occurs at the beginning.
And it was called (Surah Amma ytsa’loon). It was named (Surah Amma) after the first sentence in it.
It is called (Surat Al-Istala'il) because (They Wonder) is in the beginning. It is called (Surah Al-Muasrat) because God Almighty says in it, (And have sent down from the rainy clouds abundant water) (Al-Naba': 14). These are five names

Period of Revelation

Surat Al-Naba' was revealed after Surat Al-Ma'arij, and that was after the incident of Isra and Mi'raj. As for the reason for its revelation, when the Messenger of God - God's prayer and peace be upon him - was sent, the people of Mecca began to ask about what he asked for, and they especially asked about the Day of Resurrection, and this question was a form of denial and mockery, and so the Surah was composed to respond to their denial and mockery.

Theme and topics

This sura describes how the polytheists took issue with the Quran and what it brought, which contradicted their beliefs, including the affirmation of the resurrection, and how they asked each other's opinion about its occurrence and scoffed at the news of its occurrence.
A description of the horrors created at the time of the resurrection by the torments of the tyrants, and a description of the bliss of the faithful.
The description of the Day of Judgment as a warning to those who did not believe in it, and as an indication that they will be punished with a near chastisement before the chastisement on the Day of Resurrection.
Include that the knowledge of God Almighty encompasses everything, including the actions of people.