History of surah The Dawn

The Dawn



Revelation Place




Surat Al-Falaq was named by this name because it began with the saying of God - Glory be to Him: “Say, I seek refuge in the Lord of the daybreak.” And by the Al-Falaq, he means the morning; This is because the night is separated from it.

Period of Revelation

Scholars disagreed about the Meccan and civil character of Surat Al-Falaq. Thus, Al-Hassan, Ata, Ikrimah, and Jaber said that it is a Meccan surah, and it was transmitted by Ibn Abbas and Qatadah that Surat Al-Falaq is civil, the number of its verses is five, and its order in terms of revelation comes after Surat Al-Fil; that is, in the period between the beginning of the revelation and the migration.
About the reason for the revelation of Surat Al-Falaq, it was said that Lubeed bin Al-A'sam bewitched the Messenger of God - God's prayer and peace be upon him - so that this Surah was revealed. So that the Messenger of God may seek refuge with God - the Almighty - from the evil of this magic It was also said that the Quraysh had deposed those who were known to strike the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - with their eyes and selected them from among themselves, so God Almighty sent down the two refuges so that the Messenger would seek refuge with them from the evil of that.

Theme and topics

This surah and the one that follows it is an instruction from God Almighty to His Prophet, God's prayer and peace be upon him, from the beginning and to all believers after him, to seek refuge in His protection and to seek refuge in His protection from every fear: the fearful and the obvious, the unknown and the known, in general and in particular, as if God Almighty opens his protection for them and simplifies it for them and says to them in affection and compassion: come here, come to the fever, come to your safe place where you feel comfortable, come, for I know that you are weak and that you have enemies and that there are fears around you, and here ... here is safety, peace and quiet.