History of surah The Earthquake

The Earthquake



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Surat Al-Zalzalah was given this name because God Almighty said at its beginning: (When the earth is shaken with its quake.), referring to the earthquake and its movement on the Day of Resurrection.

Period of Revelation

Surat Al-Zalzalah was revealed in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, as it is one of the civil surahs, and it is the ninety-fourth surah in terms of the order of revelation. Surat Al-Zalzalah was revealed after Surat Al-Nisa', which was revealed in the period between the Treaty of Hudaybiyah and the Battle of Tabuk.
The disbelievers used to often ask the Messenger of God - may God bless him and grant him peace - about the date and time of the Day of Resurrection, so God Almighty revealed Surah Al-Zalzalah and mentioned in it only the signs of the Day of Resurrection without addressing the date and time of that day, being alone in the knowledge of God.

Theme and topics

One of the most important purposes of Surat Al-Zalzalah is to prove the Day of Resurrection and to describe aspects of its conditions and terrors, and what happens at that time is the severe earthquake and what miraculous things follow from it, for man is amazed at what he sees, at the collapse of every firmness, the disappearance of every exalted thing, and the exodus of the earth with all that is in it of the dead. And the emptying of what is in her belly of treasures, and her testimony to every man for what he has done in it