History of surah The Rock

The Rock



Revelation Place



The name of this Surah comes from verse 80.

Period of Revelation
Since two things are quite significant in its background, it is evident from its contents and style that the period of its revelation was around the same as that of Surah Ibrahim. First, it seems from the repeated warnings in this Surah that despite the Holy Prophet having been preaching the Message for many years, his people had not generally shown any inclination towards its acceptance; rather, they had grown more and more obstinate and stubborn in their hostility, enmity, and ridicule over time. Second, by that point, the Holy Prophet had grown weary of exerting great effort to dispel his people's skepticism and opposition. Because of this, Allah has often encouraged him while also consoling him.

Topics and the Central Theme
Although the Surah's key themes are:
1. A warning to those who disbelieved in his Message, fought against it vehemently, and made fun of him.
2. Solace and support for the Holy Prophet.
This does not imply that there are no warnings or directives in this Surah. In actuality, the Quran uses precept wherever appropriate and never limits itself to simple warning, rebuke, or criticism. Therefore, this Surah offers brief justifications for Tauhid on the one side, and warning in the Adam and Satan tale on the other.