History of surah The Winnowing Winds

The Winnowing Winds



Revelation Place




The reason for naming this name is that it begins with: “w Al-Thariyat” (By (the winds) that scatter dust.)

Period of Revelation

In books specializing in the reasons for revelation, it is mentioned that Surat Al-Thariyat was revealed in Mecca Al-Mukarramah before the emigration of the Prophet -God's prayer and peace be upon him-, which means that it is one of the Meccan Suras, and in these books it is also mentioned that Surat Al-Thariyat was revealed after Surat Al-Ahqaf.

Theme and topics

The Surah began with an oath to fulfill the threat with which the Surat al-Hujurat had previously concluded. In order to maintain proportionality between the end of Surat al-Hujurat, which precedes it, and its beginning.

The theme of the Surah revolves around the continuation of the treatment of the deniers of the resurrection and the reward on the Day of Judgment. For there are those among them who are not yet hopeless with it. The Surah as a whole includes the following objectives:

To achieve the occurrence of the resurrection and the retribution and to invalidate the claims of those who deny him and the message of Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, and accuse them without evidence and threaten them with the torment that will lead them into temptation.

- He promised the bliss of eternity to the believers and mentioned what they deserved for this degree of faith and benevolence.