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The Surah was called "Surah As-Safat" to remind us of the highest angels, the pure ones who never cease to obey God and worship Him, "praising Him day and night." They do not fabricate" and an explanation of the duties assigned to them.

Period of Revelation
Surah Al-Safat, also known as Surat as-Saffat, is the 37th chapter of the Quran. It consists of 182 verses and is one of the Meccan Surahs, meaning that it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad in Mecca. The sura addresses a number of topics, including the Day of Judgment, the importance of following the teachings of the Quran, and the signs of God's existence and power. Like many other suras of the Qur'an, it emphasizes the unity and oneness of God.
The scholars could not prove the reason for the revelation of this sura, so the knowledge of the reasons for the revelation of the Quranic suras did not include all the suras of the Quran. It led to the revelation of some of its verses, but the observer will base the interpretation of this sura on the values it carried and the purposes it sought to spread and clarify among the people, and it can be assumed that the values this sura carried are the most important reasons for its revelation.

Theme and topics
Surah As-Safat has several purposes and goals, including the following:

The Surah speaks of the angels, and God Almighty has invoked them standing in rows of worship and describing their wings in the air in obedience to God -swt-, and it speaks of the obedient worshippers performing prayer.
The surah mentions some doctrinal things, such as monotheism and what it points to, such as glorifying and exalting God Almighty for all shortcomings and deficiencies, and it talks about the fate of the unbelievers, the reward and bliss of the pious, and how the people of Lot were punished and perished.
It speaks about the prophets - blessings and peace be upon them - among them our Lord Noah - peace be upon him - and his miracle, and how God saved him with the believers, and mentions the case of our Lord Ismail - peace be upon him - and how God, the Exalted and Majestic, redeemed him with a great sacrifice, and spoke about our Lord Abraham - peace be upon him - and how he gave him the good news of God Almighty with righteous descendants.