History of surah The Emissaries

The Emissaries



Revelation Place




This blessed surah was called Surat Al-Mursalat because this word was mentioned at the beginning of the surah, where God Almighty swore in the first verse of the surah

Period of Revelation

There was no special reason for the revelation of Surah Al-Mursalat, but it is mentioned in the books of interpretation that it was revealed to the Messenger of God while he was staying with his companions in a cave in Mina, and it is one of the Meccan Surahs, and the number of its verses is fifty.

Theme and topics

The verses in Surat Al-Mursalat were strung together in order, paragraph by paragraph, to accomplish what God threatened the deniers, the polytheists in Hell and the righteous in Paradise, and the goals of the noble surah were numerous as follows:

The oath of the angels that people will rise from their graves is true and that the Day of Resurrection will inevitably come.
He mentioned the condition of the former nations and the destruction by God and their punishment that God had warned them about.
He mentioned a group of blessings that God bestowed upon His servants, the most important of which is the blessing of existence, creation and other blessings.
Description of the torments with which God torments the polytheists.
Description of the bliss that God has prepared for His faithful servants.
A declaration of the greatness of God - praised be He - and the perfection of His power.