Salah Bukhatir

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صلاح بو خاطر

Sheikh Salah Bin Abdul Rahman Bukhatir was born in Al-sharqah in the United Arab Emirates in a family known by its interest in Islamic legitimate science and business; sheikh Salah got both of them. Sheikh Salah received his basic education in the emirate of Sharqah and then completed his university studies in the United States at the faculty of science; he completed memorizing Quran with perfect recitation at this period. Sheikh Salah is the brother of the famous Islamic nasheed singer (Ahmed Bukhatir). Sheikh Salah inherited Quran love from his grandfather and he became a business man like his father as he is the head of Bukhatir group for trade and investments and he works in other trade companies. Despite the work of Sheikh Salah and his interests in trade and business, he recorded whole Quran by his voice and he always keen on the Imamat for Al-taraweeh in Sheikh Saud Al Qasimi mosque in the emirate of Sharqah in the United Arab Emirates More ...