Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hussary

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محمود خليل الحصري

Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Alhussary: one of the most famous reciters from 20th century till now. He was born in a village in Tanta (Egypt) in 1917 where he memorized Quran in a few years during his childhood. He studied at Al-Azhar institute and University where he learned Quran and specialized at the ten recitations, He Also taught it to his students and other reciters. He was appointed at Egyptian radio in 1944 and he was the first reciter who recorded whole Quran by his voice with more than one narration: Hafs, warsh and Qalon narrations (a way for reading Quran. One of the unique achievements of sheikh Alhussary was recording a special recitation of Quran for learning it properly by repeating after the reciter; this method benefited many reciters and students and helped them to recite Quran without faults. Sheikh Alhussary was the head of checking and correction committee which is responsible for checking for and correction of any error in Moshaf Quran. He was also Sheikh of the Egyptian memorization centers this position made him responsible for supervision on the mosques and memorization centers around Egypt. Sheikh Alhussary published a lot of books and writings in Tajweed and recitations. Sheikh Alhussary has a global reputation and he was the first one reading Quran in the United Nations and the White House and other international forums in different occasions. He spent his life in the service of Quran till his death in 1980. He devoted third of his legacy to be spent on charity and Quran memorization centers after his death. More ...