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محمد جبريل

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About Reciter

Sheikh Mohammad Gabriel, who was born in Alqalyobya in Egypt in 1968, is one of the most famous Quran reciters in Islamic world. He was brilliant kid as he completed memorizing Quran when he was only 9 and then he led people in Al-salat in a big mosque in Banha (Egypt) when he was 12. His family shared a great part in this progression as his father was eager to make his children learn Quran but he didn't expect that his son will be a great and famous reciter. Sheikh Mohammad Gabriel completed his basic education at Al-Azhar institutes then he joined faculty of sharia and law at Al-Azhar university .After his graduation he worked as a lawer for years. He also got the first position at the international Quran competition twice. His study at university wasn't ordinary as he used to be in Jordan working at TV and radio and as Imam in the Great mosque of Al-Hussien In Amman (the capital of Jordan), before his exams in the university he used to come back to Egypt and then returned back to Jordan once again to resume his work. Sheikh Mohammed was the imam of Amr Bin Al-Aas Mosque in Cairo where the severe crowding was obvious as prayers were arriving from every direction to pray behind the sheikh, and the crowding reached the climax so the prayers had to pray in the street in long lines during the Tarawih prayers in Ramadan. Egyptian authorities arrested Sheikh Mohammad of the Imamat in the Mosque of Amr Bin Al-Aas for political reasons in 2015.