Khaled Al-Qahtani

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خالد القحطاني

Khaled Al Qahtani is one of the most famous Quran reciters inside and outside Saudi Arabia, He is one of the Imams of masjid Abd Elrazeq Qunbr in Dammam in the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia where he leads Muslims in Salat Al-traweeh each Ramadan. Basically Sheikh Khaled Al Qahtani is a business man who is blessed with great voice; he used it properly with Quran, his recitation is unique and emotional especially with sikah and saba Maqams (key notes) so he captured hearts by his performance. Sheikh Khaled Al Qahtani was known for his modesty and his reluctance to appear with the media, but has a lot of publications and audio recordings which are broadcasted on many radio stations specialized in the Holy Quran. More ...